A Crowdsourcing platform for
labeling fundus images

help improving AI algorithm by labeling retinal diseases


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  • Don't forget alt text Image Set

    More than 200,000 full-color fundus photos included

  • Diseases

    Multiple diseases contained:DR, AMD, glaucoma, etc.

  • Graders

    More than 30 trained eye specialists joined the team

  • Learning by Doing

    Share your gradings and comment on others



Features you may like

more than labeling



View your ranking in the team.



Compare your grading result with other users.



List each user's workload summary.


HIPAA compliant

read this before you start

Under the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA):

  • This platform does not contain any individually identifiable health information.

  • Users must not enter individually identifiable health information into this platform.

  • All fundus images in this platform are stored safely and anonymously on a trusted third-party cloud environment.

  • Any grading result displayed in this system is for data collection purpose only, and shall not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.